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The Park-n-Move™ is a device, invented and manufactured by LEGAL SPEEDING, which easily allows a rider to park and move their motorcycle anywhere in the garage or shop. When space is an issue the Park-n-Move™ allows one person to easily park their motorcycle in any location they desire in the garage.No modifications necessary. The Park-n-Move™ utilizes the centerstand found on many of today’s motorcycles, or use the model for bikes without a centerstand. Simply roll the Park-n-Move under the bike, fold down your centerstand, and move your motorcycle anywhere in the garage.

Ships to you directly from the manufacturer Legal Speeding.
It takes 24 - 48 for them to process after you send in your order.

Park-n-Move used with a Harley

Park-n-Move™ has four 360° heavy-duty 2.5 inch thumb screw locking casters allowing your motorcycle to be placed anywhere room is available without worry about it rolling out of place. No modifications to your motorcycle are needed. Use your centerstand or the model for bikes without a centerstand. Locking casters secure the Park-n-Move™ in place while you load and unload your motorcycle. Low profile design – The Park-n-Move™ design is low to the ground. Minimal effort is required to place the bike on the Park-n-Move™. One person can easily move a motorcycle. The Park-n-Move™ is a compact single piece design that stores out of the way when not in use.

Park-n-Move 2 inch for Touring Bikes

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Park n Move

For Bikes With a Centerstand

+ $25 Shipping

3 " for bikes without a centerstand


Your motorcycle must have a frame to use this style Park-n-Move
This model now has single 2.5 inch casters with a thumb screw locking system.
See compatability Information below.
$25 Shipping


Park-n-Move has just redesigned the model for bikes with a centerstand so you no longer have to choose between the 2 or 3 inch model. The new model has a lower profile and stronger 2.5 inch casters with an improved locking device to accomodate the large or smaller bikes. The Park-n-Move will NOT work with a Suzuki Bergman. Check dimensions on "Details" tab.

Park-n-Move Usage Guide for bikes with a centerstand

User Guide for Park-n-Move for bikes without a center stand

Click for Compatibility Information on the Cruiser model
for bikes without a centerstand.